About This Take Action Section

Every day, Media Matters for America meticulously documents conservative misinformation in the media. Be it right-wing talking points masquerading as news, or slanted and inaccurate coverage of the issues, we’ve been there, and we’ve let you know about them. But we keep getting the same response: How can I help Media Matters’ truth-telling efforts?

We’re encouraged by this. The fact is we can’t change the media all on our own from Washington. We need you.

That’s why we’ve added this Take Action section to the Media Matters site. It’s based on our past successes at delivering accountability for reckless vitriol, getting corrections and unslanting some of the biased news coverage. For some examples of these successes take a look at our action archive. This section has a single goal in mind: to facilitate actions based on the Media Matters truth-telling work.

Want to know more about Media Matters for America and our history? See this about page.

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