Allies Tell Newspapers Not To Print Letters That Deny Climate Science

After The Los Angeles Times announced that it would no longer publish letters to the editor that deny climate science, Media Matters reported that other major newspapers were not following suit. Petitions from CREDO Mobilize and Forecast the Facts asked the outlets to change their policies.

A study from Media Matters found that 14 letters that deny manmade climate change had been printed in The Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, The Washington Post, and The New York Times so far in 2013.

petition on CREDO Mobilize asking The Washington Post and The New York Times to refuse to publish letters from climate change deniers gathered over 82,000 signatures.

petition from Forecast the Facts telling The New York Times, The Washington PostUSA Today, and The Wall Street Journal not to publish letters to the editor that deny climate science gathered over 27,000 signatures.

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