Women's Groups Urge Newspapers To Drop George Will After Sexual Assault Column

In an exclusive interview with Media Matters, National Organization for Women (NOW) President Terry O'Neill called on The Washington Post to drop George Will after he trivialized sexual assault in a June 7th column. NOW's campaign follows a similar call to action from UltraViolet, which also asked the Post to fire Will, and a letter from four U.S. senators condemning the column.

Will doubled down on his remarks in a June 20th C-SPAN interview. While The Washington Post chose to stand by Will, telling Media Matters that the op-ed as "well within the bounds of legitimate debate," the St. Louis Post-Dispatch announced that it would replace Will after seeing "the reaction and intensity of the hurt" of his column's readers.

UltraViolet continued its campaign by running ads asking five newspapers -- the Chicago Tribune, San Jose Mercury News, Orlando Sentinel, The Detroit News, and Richmond Times-Dispatch -- to drop Will. The ads, which appeared in website banners and on Facebook, highlighted a sexual assault survivor who first told her story to Media Matters.

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