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Expose on Fox News as a Republican Propaganda Machine

As we enter to hyper political seasons 2014 elections and kick off for the 2016 presidential election, now would be the time to let anyone and everyone within ear and eye distance read and see how Fox News will be approaching the elections with their 24/7 propaganda techniques via TV and Radio. The still decent fellow human beings who still listen to the crazies on Fox News may just have a light bulb come on with your help and factual reporting accuracy. Every vote for the truth and nothing but the truth so help us God could sway many a confused and misled mind.

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Invite NBC, ABC & CBS to a private briefing with scientists on the state of the climate

Thank you for the May petition to network heads demanding real climate coverage, but the anti needs to be upped considerably.

Climate scientists are the only people with the credible authority to influence network decision makers on coverage of the climate emergency.

I suggest that MMFA  partner with climate scientists (James Hansen, Jennifer Francis, Kevin Trenberth and many others come to mind), in co-sponsorship with the Center for American Progress, National Academy of Sciences or whoever is appropriate, to privately brief the network execs. on the gravity of the climate emergency and the consequences of failing to report the truth to the public.

Make the invitation. Make it from the scientists. Put the execs. up at somebody's ranch for a night and give them the dire, frightening, all-day TED Talk presentation on the crisis that they need to see. Follow the science with economic policies that have a chance of working. Offer them a better place in history than the one they are molding, and so on.

If the invitation is accepted, they might be turned around. If the invitation is ignored that would be a valuable lesson as to future strategy – and a very reportable measure of MSM disinterest in scientific authority as key to all climate arguments.

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Debate Between Media Matters and the Media Research Center

MMFA, you should request a debate between you and the conservative Media Research Center on media bias and/or accuracy in the news media. Knowing that the MRC refused to even appear with you in 2011, I think its obvious they are afraid of debating on substance.

Start a petition or Take Action campaign. i attempted to start a online petition, it didn't go anywhere. Maybe you can start one. I'd like this idea to get some attention.

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Remove Walton and Johnson syndicated radio show on Clear Channel Broadcasting

Walton and Johnson are constantly making completely false or racist, bigoted statements under the guise of humor and free speech. They have a white man pretending to be black, or pretending to be gay, they have a segment call the ghost of Trayvon Martin where a white man pretends to be black. Not just black but a very racist stereotypical portrayal of a black man. They make fun and offend all races that aren't white men that share their views. They use fear mongering and race to call for essentially a coup d'état of the Obama administration, they use racism and hate to attack children, women, gays, etc. All they are doing is race baiting, using fear, and lies to promote division and hate in order to further a Right wing political agenda. Freedom of speech is one thing. This is hate speech and fear mongering propaganda used for indoctrination. Clear Channel Broadcasting was purchased by Bain Capital and since then has become another propaganda tool. Some of the accusations and things said are far worse than anything I've heard coming from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or even Alex Jones. I believe the show is based out of Houston and it air from 6am until 10am on the gulf coast on 97.9 WCPR. It is syndicated and available on many stations. Could you please investigate them? I know if you listen to the show you will take action. It is just inexcusable the things they do and the lies they tell every day. 

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Focus on specific polarizing strategies, especially dehumanization

I have been listening to political talk radio for 20 years, and I have published on this topic (

Since 1995 (post OKC bombing), I have been doing public speaking:

Here is an article in Financial Times Deutschland about a talk I gave at the request of an Occupy group:

I use (in my public talk) & re-post (on FB) many MM clips. Because of my background in linguistics and in the study of the language of extremism, I strongly urge you to listen to the talk I give (url above) and to pay much, much more attention to the polarizing strategies of scapegoating, stereotyping and dehumanization. Name these strategies (i.e. call them out) highlight who uses them and when/where (ptr host AND politicians).

And personally, since I monitor extremist language used as a business model (more on that in my public talk), I would also be glad to see you hold the left to the same standards, but I know this is unlikely to happen. (You can see my own ongoing monitoring on my FB public page,

Thank you for your work! I used to have to tape this stuff by myself. Media Matters has been a huge help.

And I would be very glad to hear back from you, and I would also be glad to give my talk at MM (I am within driving distance of DC).


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