How to Join the Take Action Community

As you may have noticed, you can sign into this new site three ways: using Facebook, Twitter, or with your email address. The box for signing in the first time is prominently located next to Rush Limbaugh’s head on the main page of this site. Logging in gives you the benefit of one-click signing on petitions and actions, and opens up options that are only available to our Action Community members.

If you connect your Facebook and Twitter to the system, you’ll be able to spread the word about actions you like right from our system, if you log in with email you’ll be prompted in your sidebar with the option to “Add your Facebook Account” and/or “Add your Twitter”.  If you log in with Twitter or Facebook, however, be sure to sign up to get Action Updates by email, that’s how you’ll know about the newest goings-on in the action site. You can also sign up for Weekly news updates (starting soon!) to keep you up to date on the latest media misinformation, or for the Stop Rush email list, or for all three. Don’t worry, though, you’ll now be able to fully manage your email subscriptions with this same page.

Remember, you’ll need to create a new account in this action section to get these benefits, even if you already had an account for commenting on the old version of our main website, We know that creating a new account is a bit of a drag, but the good news is that you can sign in with your Facebook or Twitter on both new systems thanks to our site redesign.

Now, go forth, sign in, check your email subscriptions, or even take this handy survey to tell us what you think of these new action pages.

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Three ways to join Media Matters Take Action

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