Push Back Against the Washington Post's Unhealthy Coverage

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Given the importance and complexity of health care reform, it is critical that media report on the subject fairly and accurately. Unfortunately, a recent front-page article in the Washington Post by reporter Ceci Connolly failed on both counts. You can read our original research item on Connolly's article here.

Earlier today, Media Matters Founder & CEO David Brock sent an open letter calling on Washington Post ombudsman Andy Alexander to address Connolly's seriously flawed article.  You can read the full text of the letter here. Mr. Alexander needs to let readers know whether he thinks Connolly's reporting was fair and accurate and whether her conduct was appropriate.

Please join our call for accountability by emailing the Post's Ombudsman today and asking that he address this seriously flawed article.

Thank you in advance for your help in holding the media accountable.

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This campaign is closed--thanks for your support. Check our front page for the latest campaigns.