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Welcome to the New Take Action Section of the Media Matters Website

I’m Jay, Online Outreach Director at Media Matters. I wanted to be the first to welcome you to this new Action section of our website.

We added this section with one goal in mind: to facilitate actions that help bring accountability back to the media. At the top of the mainpage, you’ll see our current yop campaign – right now, that’s the StopRush effort. Underneath, in the smaller boxes, you’ll find additional actions or ways to engage with Media Matters. I urge you to take a look at the actions we have featured, and at some of our new materials. This section of our website is our answer to the question you’ve asked us again and again after reading our website and watching our video clips: What can I do to support Media Matters’ truth-telling mission?

We’ll also be using these Updates to talk more in-depth about our actions and campaigns, provide clarifications, and to share ideas with you. We’ve also created a Talk to Us page specifically for your tips and ideas. This feedback page, as well as this site is our broader attempt to spur conversation, education, and action around media accountability. We know that by correcting misinformation, and promoting a more responsible media, we’re engaging on a critical level – and we hope, with your help, that we'll be able to go even further than we already have.

Finally, if this is your first visit to this section of our site, I hope you will take our Welcome Survey and tell us what you think about these new features.

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